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Advertising On Wilmington Radio: The 3 Frequency Myth

Aug 19, 2021 10:33:45 AM / by Larry Julius

Every week, according to Nielsen, Wilmington, Delaware radio reaches 416,300 adult consumers. This is significantly more people than are reached by local TV, cable, social media, streaming video, streaming audio, or newspapers.

Because of its humongous reach, area small business owners advertise on Wilmington radio to successfully market the products and services they sell.

Many first-time advertisers on Wilmington radio will ask how many times a consumer needs to hear a commercial before they become a customer.  Often the business owner is told that to be effective, a consumer needs to be exposed to a message three times before they will buy.  Unfortunately, this prescription for a three-time frequency is more myth than substance.

A study by Nielsen provides some data-based insights about effective frequency, But first, here's the origin of the mythological rule of three.

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