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Holiday Spending In Wilmington Will Top $2.1 Billion In 2022

Nov 11, 2022 5:18:30 PM / by Larry Julius

Economic concerns among Wilmington, Delaware area consumers are not expected to subdue holiday shopping in in 2022.  Based on forecasts from The National Retail Federation, local shoppers are projected to spend at least $2.1 billion this year. This would be 6% more than was spent in 2021.

“While consumers are feeling the pressure of inflation and higher prices, and while there is continued stratification with consumer spending and behavior among households at different income levels, consumers remain resilient and continue to engage in commerce,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “In the face of these challenges, many households will supplement spending with savings and credit to provide a cushion and result in a positive holiday season.”

The biggest challenge facing Wilmington business owners is keeping holiday spending local. NRF expects 10-12% of purchases to happen online from retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

To lay claim to this expanding pool of holiday spending,  and keep business local, small business owners will need advertising. By, most marketing metrics, the best way to advertise is on Wilmington radio.

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Advertising In Wilmington: Is Online Marketing Enough?

Oct 23, 2022 11:16:21 AM / by Larry Julius

According to Nielsen, 558,721 adults in the Wilmington, Delaware area have access to the internet. Eighty-three percent of these consumers conduct online research before making a retail purchase, says a report from GE Capital Bank. 

To reach Wilmington area adults in the market to buy their goods and services, businesses spent $430 million in 2021 on digital adverting, according to projections based on the 2021 IAB Internal Advertising Report.  This is 35% more than was spent during the prior year.

This mammoth pool of online advertising dollars targeted at Wilmington consumers is being spent on a variety of digital resources including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), display ads, video ads, audio ads, email, and social media. Each of these tools can precisely target consumers who are currently in the market to buy whatever it is a business is selling.

Most forms of online advertising are designed to compel Wilmington consumers to click on a digital ad that will transport them to the website of a company that sells whatever it is consumers are in the market to buy.  Is investing only in digital advertising enough to drive sales for a local business? 

Many marketing experts believe that online advertising needs to be part of a broader marketing strategy to be successful.

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Digital Advertising In Wilmington: How To Get Found Online

Sep 30, 2022 1:44:02 PM / by Larry Julius

Last year, $425 million in marketing was spent online to reach Wilmington, Delaware area consumers, according to projections based on the 2021 IAB Internal Advertising Report.  This is 35% more than was spent during the prior year.

There is a correlation between the massive amount of money being spent to reach Wilmington consumers online and the extraordinary amount of time that these consumers are connecting to the internet via websites and apps.

According to Nielsen, 51.2% of Wilmington adults are spending 10-plus hours during an average week online. Furthermore, The Pew Research Center, a public opinion research company, reports that one-in-three consumers say they are online constantly. A 50% increase from 2015.  In all, 85% of consumers say they connect at least once daily.

To successfully market and advertise a Wilmington business on the internet requires a full-scale understanding of precisely what online marketing is.  Spoiler alert, having a website or having a social media site is not enough.

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Best Way To Advertise In Wilmington: AM/FM Radio Still Rules

Aug 30, 2022 4:09:14 PM / by Larry Julius

Wilmington, Delaware area small business owners have an abundance of options for advertising their goods and services. Choices include local TV, local cable, social media, streaming video, streaming audio, podcasts, and newspapers.

The best way to advertise in Wilmington, however, is local radio.

Every week, according to Neilsen, 501,249 adults tune-in to their favorite Wilmington radio stations. This is significantly more than any other advertising medium.

In addition to the adults who listen to Wilmington radio over-the-air, an incremental 9,106 adults connect to their favorite stations online as well using their phones, computers, and tablets. In all, according to Nielsen, 24.9% of all Wilmington radio listeners listen both online and offline.

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Political Advertising In Wilmington: Campaigns Go Over The Top

Aug 22, 2022 11:02:51 AM / by Larry Julius

According to Nielsen research, 464,000 people in the Wilmington, Delaware area will likely participate in the upcoming election on November 8th. To sway these voters, candidates and political action committees are expected to spend a record amount on advertising.

AdImpact, a company that measures advertising expenditures by political campaigns, says more than $3.6 billion have been spent to reach voters so far in 2022. This puts spending on a course to obliterate the record level of campaign dollars set during the 2020 presidential elections.

Despite crumbling ratings, through August 1st, 58% of all political spending has been dished out to local TV stations, according to AdImpact.

Nielsen reports that since 2017, the reach of broadcast TV stations like WDPN, WPPX, KYW, WCAU, and WHYY, has decayed by 10%.

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Wilmington Consumers Still Spending Despite Economic Sentiment

Aug 9, 2022 10:47:57 AM / by Larry Julius

Local consumers may have a gloomy feeling about economic conditions, but their spending has not tapered. This is good news for the 581,000 small business owners in the Wilmington, Delaware area.

According to the latest University of Michigan's Survey of Consumers, sentiment about current economic conditions remains near the all-time low. Concerns about volatile gas prices, rampant inflation, and a looming recession have driven the survey's index down 37% versus a year ago.

Despite these dim consumer sentiments, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis's July report shows that real personal consumption expenditures are pacing well above pre-Covid levels. According to Morgan Stanley research, consumers' ability to spend is being driven, in part, by a massive amount of excess savings accumulated over the course of the pandemic.

Earlier this year, based on per capita spending data from the National Retail Federation (NRF). Wilmington consumers were forecast to spend nearly $11 billion at retail this year. The current level of spending suggests that shoppers are on track to hit that number.

Of course, for local business owners to successfully compete for a share of this record spending requires marketing. By most key marketing metrics, the best way to advertise is on Wilmington radio. This is especially true among business owners who must limit the number of marketing channels that can be used because of economic restraints.

Of all media, advertising on the radio provides the greatest return on investment.

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Wilmington Radio Is The #1 Advertising-Supported Medium

Jul 7, 2022 11:00:28 AM / by Larry Julius

Local business owners have been advertising on Wilmington, Deleware radio since WDEL first signed-on in 1922.  But, back then, there were only two options for reaching a mass audience: newspapers and radio.

Today, though, advertisers have an over-abundance of marketing options both over-the-air and online. But every week, according to Nielsen, 501,249 adults listen to a Wilmington radio station, giving the 101-year-old medium, by far, the biggest reach amongst local consumers.

A new report released last week by Nielsen underscores AM/FM radio's durable reach among all media.

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Advertise In Wilmington: Online Listening Boosts Audience For AM/FM

Jun 30, 2022 1:40:43 PM / by Larry Julius


Despite an abundance of media options, Wilmington, Delaware radio reaches the most consumers every week. 

According to Nielsen, every week 501,249 adults tune in to their favorite Wilmington stations. This is more than watch local TV stations, cable, or streaming video. It is more than browse social media. It is more than listen to streaming audio services or podcasts. It is more than read local newspapers.

Not all listening to Wilmington radio happens on car radios, table-top radios, or boom boxes. Instead, local consumers also use their smartphones, computers, and tablets as a way to connect to their favorite local stations.

Neilsen finds that 24.9% of all consumers who listen to a Wilmington radio station over the air will, at some point during the month, also connect to a local station via the internet. As a matter of fact, during a typical hour, Nielsen data suggests that 11.3% of a station's total audience is listening on a device other than a traditional receiver.

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Smart Speaker Usage in Wilmington: A Conversation With Alexa

Jun 23, 2022 3:07:07 PM / by Larry Julius

Me: Alexa, how many consumers In Wilmington, Delaware have access to a smart speaker?

Alexa: According to a recent Nielsen study, 198,215 Wilmington adults own a smart speaker. This is 34.4% of the local population.*

Me: Alexa, what exactly is a smart speaker?

Alexa: According to Wikipedia, A smart speaker is a type of loudspeaker and voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant that offers interactive actions and hands-free activation with the help of one "hot word" (or several "hot words"). Some smart speakers can also act as a smart device that utilizes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other protocol standards to extend usage beyond audio playback, such as to control home automation devices. This can include, but is not limited to, features such as compatibility across a number of services and platforms, peer-to-peer connection through mesh networking, virtual assistants, and others. Each can have its own designated interface and features in-house, usually launched or controlled via application or home automation software. Some smart speakers also include a screen to show the user a visual response.

Me: Alexa, what brand of smart speakers are Wilmington consumers likely to own?

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Advertising In Wilmington: Where Have The TV Viewers Gone?

Jun 14, 2022 11:24:49 AM / by Larry Julius

During the past seven days. according to Nielsen, only 69.5% of local consumers tuned in to Wilmington, Delaware area television stations like WDPN, WPPX, KYW, WCAU, and WHYY.  TV's diminishing reach among adults 18 and older has been eclipsed by the audience size for social media, cable, and Wilmington radio. Furthermore, streaming video services such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and Disney+ are quickly reaching parity with over-the-air options.

The erosion of local TV station audiences is stunning when comparing prime-time ratings from the past.  In 1980, the highest-ranked TV show was Cheers with a 21.3 rating. The 30th-ranked show was The Wonder Years with a 14.2 rating.

Twenty years later, Survivor was the number one show with a 17.4 rating and Family Law was the 30th ranked show with an 8.8 rating.

Finally, in 2019, Sunday Night Football was the number one ranked show with a 10.9 rating. Survivor tied with Dancing With The Stars in 30th place with a 5.5 rating.

It is stunning to think that the number one TV show in 2019 had a 24% lower rating than the 30th-ranked show in 1980.

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