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Best Way To Advertise In Wilmington: Furniture & Mattresses

Feb 23, 2023 3:39:58 PM / by Larry Julius

Advertise In Wilmington Mattresses & FurnitureOver the next 12 months, according to Nielsen, 80,547 Wilmington, Delaware area households plan to buy furniture and mattresses. Based on a per capita forecast from Furniture Today, these expenditures will total $287.4 million during 2023, a $5.2 million dollar increase over 2022.

Although the forecast growth of furniture and bedding sales is expected to moderate a bit versus 2021, what retailer would not want to grab a share of the multi-million dollar category growth this year?

To capture a bigger share of the increased spending on chairs, couches, beds, tables, and mattresses will require local stores to invest in marketing. And according to most key metrics, the best way to reach local furniture buyers is with advertising on Wilmington radio.

How To Advertise On Wilmington Radio

According to Nielsen, 88% of all local adults living in households that plan to buy furniture during the upcoming 12-month tune-in to a Wilmington radio station every week.  This is significantly more intenders than are reached by social media, local TV and cable, streaming audio and video, local newspapers, or podcasts.

Advertising in Wilmington Furniture & Mattresses

Why is reach a critical metric to consider when a furniture retailer when determines the best way to advertise in Wilmington?

According to a Nielsen study, after the actual content of the commercial message itself, reach is the most potent advertising element that can drive sales. Reach is more important than brand, recency, or even context. Wilmington radio provides local business owners with the most significant reach among consumers.

Advertise In Wilmington Successful Campaign

Radio's unrivaled reach among adult consumers contributes to the medium's ability to deliver an extraordinary return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.

From April through July of 2021, Neilsen measured the sales results of a radio advertising campaign conducted by a major retailer. The study utilized portable people meter technology to segment consumers into two discrete categories: those who were exposed to the retailer's advertising campaign and those who were not.

Nielsen was then able to match the consumers in each segment to their credit/debit or shopper card purchase behavior. Consequently, the study decisively measured how sales were affected by the retailer's advertising campaign.

Here are the key takeaways from the Neilsen study:

  • One or two exposures to the radio campaign resulted in a 22.4% increase in the number of shoppers
  • Three to six exposures to the radio campaign resulted in a 7.6% increase in the number of shoppers
  • Exposure to the radio campaign increased the number of transactions among the retailer's existing customers by 11%
  • Exposure to the radio campaign increased the number of transactions by the etailer's most active customers by 31.2%
  • Exposure to the retailer's radio campaign generated a sales increase of 9.7%

Most importantly, the Nielsen study revealed that every $1000 that the retailer invested in the radio advertising campaign returned $13,000 in sales. A 13-time ROI.

Wilmington furniture and mattress retailers should know that these findings support 24 other Nielsen studies that indicate, on average, that advertising on local radio delivers a 10-time return on investment.

AdAge, a trade magazine for advertising professionals, calls these types of returns "eye-popping."  The magazine goes on to say radio's ROI is superior to commercials on TV, online, and social media.

To learn more about Nielsen's latest ROI study, click here.

Both reach and ROI are the critical performance measurements for determining the best way to advertise in Wilmington. By either metirc, local radio is the logical choice for reaching furniture and mattress shoppers.

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