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Advertise in Wilmington: How Local Consumers Use The Internet?

Feb 26, 2021 11:20:07 AM / by Larry Julius

Wilmington, Delaware area business owners are expected to invest $183-million during 2021 to advertise to consumers connected to the internet. This forecast was produced by Borrell Associates, a company that tracks business advertising expenditures across the country.

These online marketing dollars will be spent on banner advertising, search engine marketing, email, as well as audio and video advertising. This is all to capture the attention of shoppers and buyers as they go about their connected days.

According to Nielsen, 95.9% of adult consumers in the Tri-state area have access to the internet. They connect, primarily, with desktop and laptop computers; smartphones; or tablets.


Ninety-five percent of Wilmington adults spend at least one hour per week online, with most spending at least 10 hours connected.

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